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The moment when it all sinks in. I messed up. I say things uncalled for. Sometimes I just don’t know how to handle myself.


I knew you were trouble when you walked in. Now shame on me. You flew me to places that I’ve never been. Now I’m laying on the cold hard ground.


I miss the things we used to do together. I miss your company. Knowing you’re gone breaks my heart more and more..I want you back,but I know I can’t have you. Not like I used to. Things aren’t the same and this breaks me down. I’m so sad.


We burn the bridges we don’t want to burn and keep those we do. At the time we want it to go in flames ,then later we realize that wasn’t the case. Why do we fall for those who don’t want us and forget those who do? Life could be so simple if we just took time to think about what we do. My broken heart can’t take much more of what people call everyday life. Something needs to change about the way we think about things.

I’m so fancy :1 (Taken with Instagram)
Photography is my passion  (Taken with Instagram)
Taken with Instagram
Taken with Instagram
Broken people have beautiful souls. I think I want that tattooed. (Taken with Instagram)
I love owls! (Taken with Instagram)


Pain is weakness leaving the body

Beach! (Taken with Instagram)

One day at a time

Don’t live life by the moments

Live it by days

Think of what you lose by moments…

Days last longer

Especially with loved ones

They maybe slipping through your hands…

But hold tight to what you are 

In the end you’ll find that it’s worth it….